#ORPTUT Super Easy Painted Face Tutorial
Today, I wanted to "share" with you the
"super easy" way that I paint a raggedy's face!

#1-Print the face pieces from the pattern on to a piece of cardstock.  Cut out.  Pin these pieces to the head.  Using a pencil, lightly trace the face pieces to the head.  I like to trace the nose first then the eyes and mouth.
#2-Paint the eyes in a vintage white craft paint.
#3-Paint the nose the color of your choice.  I used burnt orange on this nose because this nose was on a scarecrow.
#4-Paint the pupils black and the iris's the color of your choice...brown, blue or green.  Once the face features are dry, add some white highlight marks to the eyes and one to the nose.  Let the face features dry well.  When dry, lightly sand.  Be sure the the features are dry before sanding or you will smear the paint.
#5-Using a fine tip black marker draw the face features...eye brows, lashes and mouth.
#6-Grunge the face a little using some brown shoe polish.   Rub some blush on the forehead and cheek areas.  Lightly shade around the eyes and nose using a brown Prismacolor pencil.

You may set your raggedy's face by spraying it with an acrylic matte sealer.  I told you that painting faces was super easy.  Here's a "tip"...you can use a blow dryer to dry the paint on your raggedy faces quickly.

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