#ORPTUT Snowman Ornie Tutorial
Are you ready for a ***FREE*** fun little ~Snowman~ Ornie
from "ORP"?  This is a "NO SEW" project, that would be
great for those of you ladies who are looking to do Christmas craft shows this Fall!  These little snowman ornies are super "easy" and "fun" to make with few supplies needed!

1" Rusty Bell
Sealer (Optional)
Wool or Old "Wool" Sweater
  Heirloom White Rust-oleum Spray Paint
1 Round Clear Plastic Christmas Ornament
Christmas Greenery, Red Berries & Small Pine Cone
Acrylic Craft Paints-Black, White, Burnt Orange, Burnt Umber & Red
*Spray paint the clear plastic ornament in the heirloom white spray paint.  Let the ornie dry.
*Paint some watered down burnt umber craft paint on to the ornie.  Lightly wipe it off with a soft rag to give it that great "aged" look.
Snowman's Face-
*Paint a "cute" little snowman face on to the ornie.  You can give your snowman round, oval or tear drop shaped eyes, along with a "carrot" nose and a little mouth of your choosing.  Don't be afraid to play around.  You can't go wrong with any "cute" little snowman face.  (If you are not a painter then go ahead and give your snowman "button" eyes and a sewn or clay nose.
Snowman's Hat-
*Cut a rectangle piece out of the bottom of an old sweater.  (I like to use the bottom because a lot of them are "ribbed" at the bottom.  This "ribbed" part makes a genuine looking winter hat.)
*Glue the seam of the hat together in the back.
*Gather the top of the hat, holding the gathers together with a little dollop of glue.
*While the glue is still hot, press the top of the snowman's hat against the ornie.
*Glue a 1" rusty bell to the top of the snowman's hat.
*Garnish the snowman ornie with some Christmas greenery, red berries and a small pine cone.
*Glue two small bows made from "jute" to the ornie...one to the top of the hat and one to the bottom of the snowman.
*Glue a small "jute" hanger to the top of the snowman's hat.
*Splatter paint the snowman with some burnt umber & white craft paint.
*Dab a little white craft paint on to the Christmas greenery, red berries, pine cone, jute bows and the snowman's nose & cheeks.
*Seal the snowman's face using a matte sealer.

Walla...you have just finished "ORP's" super simple
"Snowman Ornie"! 
You can buy old wool sweaters fairly cheaply at garage sales and at second-hand stores.  The round clear ornaments, along with most of the craft supplies for this snowman ornie can be purchase at "Hobby Lobby".  The Heirloom White Rust-oleum spray paint can be purchased at "Home DePot".  You can change up the size of these snowman ornies by changing the size of round ornaments that you use.
I hope that you have enjoyed this ***FREE*** crafting
tutorial from "ORP"!  Please feel free to "pin" it to "Pinterest" and/or "share" it with all of your crafting friends on "Facebook"!
We like "sharing" crafting ideas here at "ORP"!
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