#ORPTUT Rag Quilt Tutorial
Are you ready to get started?
First, you must determine the size of "rag quilt" that you would like!
I like my rag quilts to be more the size of a "throw"!
This is a perfect size for snuggling up with on a cold winter's night
or laying out in the yard on a summer's day!
Mine "rag quilt" was 42" X  60" when finished!
I started out by making a chart similar to the one below!
The chart below is a sample chart just to give you an idea!
My full chart was 7 squares going across and 10 squares going down!
You could add a few extra squares going across and down to make a larger quilt!
You will want to refer to this chart while cutting out your fabric
and sewing your squares together!
This chart will help keep everything in the order!
Each square represents a particular color of fabric!
I used three different colors of fabric in my "rag quilt"!
So, "X" represents one color of fabric, "O" represents another
and "-" represents the last color of fabric!
Please note...I used the same coordinating fabrics
on the backs of each square but you could use different
fabric colors on the backs!
If you are planning on making your quilt the same size
as mine...42" X 60" (7 - 7" squares across X 10 - 7" squares down),
then you will need 1 5/8 yds. of the three different fabrics!
This will be enough fabric to do both the fronts and backs
of your squares!
Cut a 7" X 7" template out of a piece of cardboard!
Please note...you will lose an inch all the way around
once your squares are sewn together!
So, your finished squares will actually be 6" X 6"!
I use "Warm n' Natural" batting in my "rag quilts"!
Warm n' Natural is the best!!!
You will need approximately a 42" X 60" piece of batting!
You will cut your batting squares 1" smaller then
your fabric squares!  So, if you are using 7" fabric squares
then you will want to use 6" batting squares!
 Pre-wash and iron your fabric!
Using a rotary cutter, cut all of your fabric and batting squares out!
Here are the three colors that I chose for my "shabby" rag quilt!
Sandwich a piece of batting between two matching pieces of fabric!
Sew an "X" through the center of each fabric square!
This will help hold your batting in place during washing and
normal wear and tear of your "rag quilt"!
Once you have done this for all of your square pieces,
you will begin to sew your squares together!
With two backs of your squares together and using a 1/2" seam allowance,
start by sewing the first square as shown in
your chart to the second one, so for instance in my rag quilt
I sewed "X" to "O" and then "O" to "-" and continued on until all seven of my squares
(going across) were sewn together to form the first strip of my quilt!
Start sewing the second strip together and so on and so forth
until all of your strip pieces are sewn together!
Next, you will start sewing your strips together!
Sew the first strip to the second strip and the second strip
to the third strip until you have reached the bottom of
your "rag quilt"!
Using a pair of "spring form" scissors you will start "clipping" your "rag quilt"!
This is the ~fun~ part!
I clipped every 1/2" across and down but you can clip closer like 1/4" for more "fringe"!
It's a lot of clipping but this is great to do while watching TV at night!
Be sure not to clip through the seams of your quilt!
Once, you have clipped your "rag quilt", you will want to throw it into the wash!
Wash it a couple of times to "fray" the "clipped" edges!
Your rag quilt should begin to "fray" during the washing and drying process!

This is the "back" side of my "shabby" rag quilt!

Walla, not only are these "rag quilts" ~darling~ but they
are super ~easy and fun~ to make!!!
 I even made matching "rag" pillows!

Here is a "rag quilt" that I made last year for
our precious little Grand-daughter!
I bound the edges with one of the coordinating fabrics!
 I also made a precious little bunny outfit to match!

Next on my list...is one of these Fall "rag quilts"!
 I will back my Fall "rag quilt" in flannel for a little "extra" warmth!
I ~love~ the colors in this quilt! 
To me, this Fall "rag quilt" has "cozy" written all over it!
 I hope that you have enjoyed this ***FREE***
"Rag Quilt" Tutorial from  Old Road Primitives!

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