#ORPTUT Chilly the Lil' SnOwman Ornie Tutorial

Here we have a fun, simple and free "tutorial" from Old Road Primitives!  Please feel free to "share" this new SnOwman tutorial with your family and friends.  We would also love to have you "pin" it to Pinterest!

OK, are you ready for a little SnOwman fun?


Fabric-Osnaburg, Muslin, Fleece, Warm n' Natural, Flannel, Knit

(the choice is yours for the snowman), Scraps of Christmas print & Red Knit Fabric

Black Embroidery Floss

(2) Small Black Beads

(3) 3/8" Rusty Bells

(1) 1" Rusty Heart

Rusty Craft Wire

Christmas Greenery & Berries

Misc. Sewing & Craft Supplies

Click HERE to download and print the SnOwman Ornie pattern piece!

Cut the Snowman pattern piece out.

Trace the snowman pattern piece to double layers of fabric.

Sew the snowman together by sewing on the trace line.

Turn the snowman right side out.

Stuff the snowman fully with fiberfill stuffing.

Gather the bottom closed.

Wrap a  strand of heavy thread thread around the snowman to create two different

sections.  One section will be the head and one section will be the middle snowball.

Sew two small black beads to the head for the eyes.

Using three strands of embroidery floss stitch the eye brows and mouth.

Using a little burnt orange craft paint, paint a small squiggly carrot nose.

Let the nose dry.

Cut a 7" X 3" piece from a red knit or Christmas print fabric for the hat.

Fold this piece in half and stitch it together along the sides (3" edge).

Gather one end closed along the 7" edge.

Turn the snowman hat right side out.

Fold the bottom edge of the hat up.

Glue the hat to the snowman's head.

Tear a 2" wide strip from one of the Christmas prints to make the scarf.

Wrap the scarf around the snowman's neck.

Tie the scarf off and fringe the ends.

Embellish the snowman with a small plaid patch, a rusty heart,

some rusty bells and Christmas greenery & berries.

You can tilt his little head by grabbing a stitch in the lower body

and a stitch in the head.  Pull these threads tight and tie off.  This will give the

little snowman a tilted head.

Glue a Ornie hanger made from a strand of jute to the top/back of the snowman.

Make a rusty wire ornie hook by curling some wire around a round handle.

Walla, you have just finished ORP's new "Chilly" the Lil' SnOwman Ornie!

Please feel free to have some fun by changing the size of your snowman.

You can make him taller or wider just by changing up the size of your pattern piece.

You can also use a kid's sock to make these snowmen using the same general directions.

These lil' snowmen can be made up in a matter of minutes

depending on your crafting experience.

Have fun and please share!

From our house to yours...

Merry Christmas Season 2016!


Old Road Primitives

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It is right here for you to enjoy! 



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