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How to Sew on Dolly Hair...

How to Sew on Dolly Hair...

Before you start to sew, you will need to roll the yarn around your hand a few times to form what we call a "clump". Using a needle with a double strand of heavy thread you will sew these little clumps of yarn to the top of the dolly's head sewing them right on the center seam line. Sew these little clumps from one temple to the other temple of the dolly's head approximately 1/2" apart.

Run the thread over the center of the clump of hair, then through the head as shown in this photo below...keep repeating until finished.

If you would like to fill in the back of the dolly's head with hair, then simply do the same thing only stitching the hair in a straight line across the back of the head as shown in this photo below.

Once you have all of the clumps of hair sewn to the dolly's head you can go back and cut the loops for straight hair or you can leave the loops for a "loopy" look.

Stitching hair to a dolly's head is super easy.  Here at ORP we prefer "wild n' crazy" hair. We typically will use unraveled jute for our dolly's hair especially on our fall dolls but you can use whatever you prefer...yarn, raffia, shredded fabric, etc.  Whatever you choose just have fun.  Things don't have to be perfect!  Oh and don't forget, you can use longer strands for longer hair and you can pull those longer hair strands together at the sides for ponytails like we did with our little "Pipa" doll as shown this photo below.

This is the product that we like to use for our fall dolly hair.  It's jute on a roll and can be found in the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby.  We buy it when it is on sale.  Simply unravel the jute, roll it into a clump around your hand a few times and stitch it to your dolly's head.  Once again, cut the loops for straight hair. 

Did you know that you can dye this jute (hair) in the color that you prefer like we did with this little "trick or treat" raggedy?

Simply water down some acrylic craft paint (in the color of your choice).  Dip some unraveled jute in the watered down paint.  Remove the excess water/paint with some dry paper towels.  Let the hair dry well.  Once the hair is dry sew it to your dolly's head.  Super fun and super cute!

You can check out all of the different ways that we've done our dolly's hair over the years by clicking HERE!

Thanks and enjoy!  :)


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