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Let's talk fabrics...

Let's talk fabrics...

First, I would like to talk about the fabrics that I love to use when making my Christmas hand-mades (beings we are currently in the holiday season).  You can use all sorts of fabrics to make snowmen.  Fabrics like flannel, muslin, fleeces, warm n' natural batting, terry cloth, etc.  I've used all sorts of fabrics over the years but my current favorite fabric  to make snowmen is this "natural" flannel from Hobby Lobby.

Another fabric that I love to use for my Christmas hand-mades and for most of my dolls is muslin but you can also use a cotton or cotton blend.  I picked these Waverly fabrics up the other day while shopping at Walmart.  They were super inexpensive.  I will use the darker tan fabric to make gingers or gingerbread dolls and the lighter fabric for my snowmen.  I like my fabrics to have a little color.  I don't like whitey-tighty snowmen or whitey-tighty any doll for that matter.  In a lot of my patterns I coffee stain the item but as of late, I'm trying to eliminate that step and just use fabrics of the color that I want.  That saves me the coffee staining and drying process and it makes for much faster dolly making.

For the tops of my stockings, mittens, around the bottom of my Santa hats and sometimes even for winter scarves, I like to use this faux Sherpa fleece from Hobby Lobby.  This stuff is the best and has the best look for what I use it for.  I love this stuff!

I also love to use old sweaters for my winter hats, scarves and sometimes even for the outfits of my hand-mades and don't forget that you can use clean old jeans for your scarecrow and fall dolls.  This is a great way to repurpose old things and it gives them a super cute look too!

I prefer to purchase the fabrics for my dolly's outfits at local quilt and craft stores as I feel that they have the best selection of "matching" fabrics which is I love.

With all of this fabric talk, I have to mention that I love saving money so I use coupons on my fabrics whenever I can or I purchase them when they are on sale.  Some stores like Walmart don't really put their fabrics on sale but usually their fabrics are fairly inexpensive.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little talk on fabrics.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to answer any questions! 


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