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Grubby Primitive Painted Hat Tutorial

Grubby Primitive Painted Hat Tutorial...

There are two fun ways to make hats for your snowmen and

scarecrows.  The simplest and quickest way is to make hats is

from felt but in my opinion, the cuter hats are the ones made

from painted watered down muslin.

After you have sewn the hat brim and hat top with muslin you

will paint them with a watered down paint water mixture (color of your choice). 

Squeeze the excess paint/water mixture from the hat brim and hat top.

Place a piece of crumpled up foil on a baking sheet (the approximate size of your

snowman or scarecrow head). 

Lay the hat brim on top of the crumpled up foil piece.  Lat the hat top

on top of the hat brim.  Form these hat pieces as you want them too look

once they are dry.  The craft paint acts like a fabric stiffener.  It will

help keep the hat stiff.  If you like an even grubbier hat, when the hat

is dry sprinkle it liberally with cinnamon.  Set the cinnamon with a spray-on sealer.

Let the hat dry well.  Glue it to your snowman or scarecrow's head.

Walla...who knew that making "cute/fun" little hats was that simple?


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